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Find yourselves in splash world adventure

Whoopeland Water Park is your ultimate choice for wet, wild, and thirst quenching summer fun.

Space Bowl

You are not afraid of dark, are you? This totally enclosed water slide leads you to tightest and elongated tunnel into eerie darkness speeding down, into the massive open funnel (enormous bowl) with spine- tingling series of spiral motion before plunging into the pool with ultimate splash.

Speed Slides

Have a need for speed? Break down the speed barrier, this unique, camel humpbacked elevated single lane slides lets you down a slippery slope in gravity-pulling speed, you will get a sheer adrenaline rush as you slide solo from atop. If you dare! Take a fast and furious deadliest plunge with this quickest way to challenge the heat.

 Multilane slides

Ready, Set, slide! Your rival sliders compete for the first place as they take the colorful liquid fast track down an enormous multilane splash way, challenge riders to victory.

 Family Raft

 Loop, glide and twist through steep banks and curves on one of the circular slides you and your family members can scream together down this exhilarating to create a true family fun experience.

 Multipen-Play System

Enjoy a fantastic experience with your tinniest members of the family. A day out at Splasher’s children play area is guaranteed to be filled with fun and laughter. Kids! Brace yourselves for the ultimate shower- at splashers, there is tipping bucket with mushroom umbrella that sent over 500 Liters of water gushing down from above. The little ones won’t feel left out, with a wide variety of specially designed water slides just for them.